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Warehousing Operations

How does having the ability to concentrate on your core business sound? In other words, do what you do best. It's a major advantage to outsource your warehousing to Candor Transportation and Warehousing

Public warehousing allows you the flexibility of converting many of your fixed costs to variable costs. As your need for more space increases or, decreases, public warehousing can be flexible enough to accommodate these situations. Outsourcing your warehousing to Candor Transportation and Warehousing can turn many of your warehousing challenges into advantages for your company.

Candor Warehouse has a full range of services with rack and bulk storage as well as yard storage for those items that can be stored outdoors. The California warehouse is located just one mile from the Ontario airport with easy access to and from I10. Strategically located between the crossroads of Interstate 60, 15, and 10 freeways, we can provide you with complete regional distribution to your customers within a 150 mile radius on our own trucks.