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Company Profile

Welcome to Candor Transportation and Warehousing. We are a company providing logistical solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of today's business environment. Candor prides itself on each partnership we have established between the clients we serve. We understand business needs and will recommend a logistics solution that will ultimately fulfill the client's objective.

We have developed a strategic network located in areas that have strong and diverse economies and provide access to key population centers. This network establishes a local market presence in California and Ohio and enables us to respond more rapidly to our customers' ever-changing requirements.

Our focus is to provide constant and consistent availability for service-sensitive customers in virtually every transportation environment and we attribute our superior service to an unconditional commitment to our core set of values.

Every time you send a shipment, your good name goes with it. And when you ship with Candor Transportation our name rides right alongside. We have built a reputation for delivering more than just cost-effective on-time movement of our customers' freight. We deliver peace of mind while you concentrate on core business, confident in the knowledge that both your company and your goods are in the best possible hands.